Italia Live: La Gazza Ladra

Italia Live: La Gazza Ladra

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200 years after the success of Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra, Riccardo Chailly now brings this celebrated tragicomic opera back to the stage where it was first performed. In this production, the director and co-founder of the Teatro dell’Elfo and Oscar winner for Mediterraneo makes his debut at La Scala to elegantly relate the story of the servant Ninetta who is wrongly accused of theft. The cast brings together the cream of the new generation of Rossinian bel canto with Rosa Feola debuting, tenor Edgardo Rocha,basses Alex Esposito and Paolo Bordogna, as well as Teresa Lervolino and the expert bel canto of Michele Pertusi. Screening Live from: Teatro Alla Scala